cellphoneSketchpad began as an irregular series of 1st generation Motorola razr captures at 640 x 480 (less than 1MP) – early postings on the walls of the early days of Facebook
I was slowly coming to realize that carrying this slim little flip phone (aka dumb phone) in my shirt pocket all the time was not unlike carrying a Sharpie pen in my front pocket along with a little black sketchbook or notebook in my back pocket – another tool – for capturing those unexpected moments… observations… vignettes – in real time. For me there is a raw energy and looseness to a sketch that can sometimes get lost in a ‘finished’ piece. 
The immediacy and ubiquity of always having a digital capture device with me expands the possibilities of what a sketch can be. The plethora of digital media editing apps for both computers and devices has opened unlimited possibilities - taking that original sketch to new places.
Following are 20 screens created for a Pecha Kucha Night presentation in Portland, Maine.
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