I moved to Maine in 1998— expatriate of B'klyn, NY, with lingering cravings for authentic, Nostrand Avenue (everything) Bagels and the arguable benefits of having done way more than my fair-share of psychotherapy. 
An independent Creative Director, Designer, Illustrator and Mobile Photographer, I work with clients to develop purpose-driven, integrated creative services, across media. 

For 10 years, I served as Sr Art Director for the web site at outdoor retailer, L.L.Bean, Inc., instrumental in advancing best practices in web site design, along with multichannel planning and workflows, to align visual communications across web, retail, catalog and advertising touch points. During my time at Beans, eComm grew from 17% to 70% of the direct channel business.

Currently, as Sr Solutions Consultant with Adobe Systems, I work with enterprise customers to help Creatives, IT and Marketers get the most value out of their Creative Cloud licensing and evolve best practices around visual communications and organizational workflow. I've taught courses in Graphic Communications and Cross-Media Publishing at University of Southern Maine and Maine College of Art.

I'm a huge proponent of design thinking; a founding board member and former President of the Maine chapter of AIGA, the professional association for design. I oversaw the staging of several AIGA conferences in Portland, including the very first Abstract Conference, now an original Netflix series about Design.

In 2009, I started cellphoneSketchpad: mobile journal. cyber comic. digital rorschach. As an avid (if not rabid) sketchbook artist since childhood, I became enamored with the early 2000's cellphone camera flip phones (I had a motorola razr, aka my dumbphone). Despite the truly crappy quality (less than 1MP at 640 x 480px), it quickly became a digital extension to my traditional pen & ink toolset – for capturing ideas quickly in real-time – a digital pen on a virtual cocktail napkin.

I love to play in creative intersections across art, technology, humor and psychology/sociology— over the years, designer, writer, stand-up comic, improvisational actor, cartoonist, wild blueberry banana pancake maker.

Above all, I am a proud and adoring dad who also enjoys a really good nap.
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